Power Purchase Agreements

Sell your electricity and renewable energy certificates through a Vattenfall PPA

Vattenfall’s long and short term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are designed to help renewable generators to maximise opportunities in the UK energy markets. Our PPAs are tailored to accommodate your project requirements, ranging from simple fixed priced to flexible contract arrangements. Through our Power Purchase Agreements in the UK, we can also offer to purchase your Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) and Renewable Obligation certificates (ROCs).

Vattenfall is the Swedish energy group and an credible active Power Purchase Agreement provider in the UK. With Our experience with our ~1000MW of renewable generation wind and solar farms in the UK and our enviable track record of over 300MW renewable PPAs signed in the UK, demonstrates that our team has a vast experience in managing, operating and structuring the right PPA for your renewable generation facility.

Please contact our PPA experts to discuss your requirements:

We are keen to support the growth or renewable generation and we are pleased to be able to offer you a great range of Power Purchase Agreements across all technologies including wind, solar, energy from waste, hydro, wave, tidal, biomass, landfill gas and battery storage.

As a market leading in the UK renewable energy generation and energy trading, our expertise enables us to capturing the most advantageous deal for your generated electricity. This, associated to our large portfolio of renewable power in the UK makes it possible for us to provide you with a very competitive price.

Maximise Value

  • Sell your electricity and renewable certificates with confidence through our PPA.
  • Benefit directly from our expertise in forecasting and trading your generation.
  • We offer Power Purchase Agreements for all renewable technologies
  • Distribution connected generators can benefit from our ability to realise embedded benefits.
  • Transmission connected can utilise our grid services to participate in the balancing mechanism

Certainty & Security

  • Gain certainty through the following features of our PPAs:
    • Fixed priced from day 1
    • Ability to fix prices at any time during contracted period
    • Floor pricing
  • Take comfort that your PPAs are supported by Vattenfall AB and rest assured that your PPA is credit worthy.
  • Secure attractive financing for your project through our bankable PPAs
  • We understand the needs of lenders and have a track record of structuring PPAs to meet the needs of project finance and refinancing.
  • Build a long term relationship with us. We can offer PPAs from 1 year up to 20 years.


  • We have an enviable track record and have signed over 300MW of renewable PPAs in the UK alone
  • As a developer and operator of renewable generation, we understand the need to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Our team has decades of experience in structuring PPAs
  • Our flexible approach allows us to tailor a PPA to your specific PPA needs.
  • Contact us to find out how our PPAs can help you build a sustainable future for the UK.