Flex manager

Flex Manager

Be in control of your electricity with our FLEX MANAGER contract. This product enables you to purchase your electricity for your entire half-hourly metered portfolio. In this way you will increase the chances to reduce your energy costs by purchasing power to match you consumption profile; be it as much or as little as you like.

Term: From 12 months to 60 months in duration

Non-Commodity Costs: Pass Through

Meter type: Half-Hourly

How does it work?

With FLEX MANAGER, you can manage your electricity commodity price by purchasing base load and peak load blocks at wholesale market prices up to your sourcing limits. We will purchase any additional consumption or buy back any electricity you have not consumed at market price. We will manage any costs of balancing your consumption within our balancing fee.

At the same time, all Non-Commodity Costs such as transmission, distribution, regulatory costs and taxes are 100% passed through, guaranteeing full transparency and honesty to you.

FLEX MANAGER+: Add a forecast for lower charges

Get rewarded for providing us with accurate forecasts through lower balancing charges. Incentivise your production managers to focus on managing energy consumption and consequently reduce your energy charges. This is ideal for customers with unusual production patterns or onsite generation such as CHP.

How does FLEX MANAGER+ work?

We provide you with an annual forecast accuracy target, you provide us with a day ahead forecast of your consumption or production for your sites or as a portfolio. If at the end of the year you meet the forecast accuracy target, we will retrospectively reduce your balancing charges for that year.

Flex Manager

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