Energy Solution

What we can offer?

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  • Vattenfall has a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering battery projects in UK, NL and DE.
  • Through our BMW battery contract we are able to reduce costs compared to other providers
  • Ability to provide uninterrupted power supply or replace existing diesel UPS equipment.

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Solar PV

  • Experienced solar developer through our pioneering hybrid wind / PV solar parks in the UK and NL
  • Turnkey system design and implementation
  • Various financing offerings and minimization of capital outlay
  • Secure revenue and energy bill reduction

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Operations & Optimization

  • Through our experienced in house trading operation we can not only reduce customer energy costs but also access other revenue streams such as demand side response, triad reduction and arbitrage.
  • We can also offer asset ownership, contracting model and maintenance

Most promising applications today

Own consumption optimisation

  • Customers with renewable energy generation units (e.g. pv-generation)
  • Batteries enable those customers to increase their consumption of their own generated power
  • Interesting for customers with high electricity cost like households


  • Industrial customers with reasonable load peaks
  • Batteries enable those customers to make their consumption more flexible
  • This flexibility is used to relieve the usage of the grid in critical times
  • Reduced network fees for those customers

Demand Side frequency response

  • We can perform these services on behalf of the customer
  • Offering grid services that do not impact the clients use or benefit of the asset
  • Depending on the ownership model these revenues can be passed to the customer or retained by Vattenfall (as the owner)


  • Integrated Battery Storage / PV and EV charging
  • Stand alone PV or battery storage
  • Flexible to use third party products or Vattenfall own products such as Batteriespeicher plus (700kWh Battery), depending on the customer requirements.
  • Experienced roof top solar developer.
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